The New Electric Leapmotor is Coming to Turkey in April!

Ulu Motor, a company within the Ulubaslar Group, has partnered with another Chinese electric car manufacturer, Leapmotor, following its successful representation of the Chinese brand SKYWELL. After ongoing negotiations, Ulu Motor, as of March 2023, will be the distributor of Leapmotor in Turkey, and aims to make the first deliveries of the new electric car brand that will enter the country in April.

Leapmotor, founded by Zhu Jiangming, a first-class engineer and visionary entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience in electronic and artificial intelligence technologies, has also drawn attention by delivering 111,168 cars to new owners in 2022, an increase of 154 percent compared to the previous year. Ulu Motor, the automotive company of Ulubaslar Group, which operates in the automotive, information technology, construction, real estate, and tourism sectors, added another electric car brand representation to its portfolio in November 2021 with SKYWELL. As of March 2023, Ulu Motor, assuming the distribution of Chinese Leapmotor in Turkey, is preparing to hit the roads of the country with the models of Leapmotor.

Leapmotor, a leading smart electric car company based in Hangzhou, China, founded in 2015 by Zhu Jiangming, a visionary entrepreneur and first-class engineer with about 30 years of experience in electronic and artificial intelligence technologies, strives to provide the best smart mobility experience to all consumers. Leapmotor considers electric cars as electronic products and has made it their mission to provide their users with the most refined mobility experience since their establishment. Claiming to be the only pure electric vehicle company in China, Leapmotor designs and manufactures all basic systems and electronic components for their vehicles in-house with comprehensive R&D capabilities. Leapmotor, a vertically integrated Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, produces fully electric SUV C11, sedan C01, 5-door city car T03, and coupe S01 models. In 2022, the company delivered a total of 111,168 vehicles, increasing their deliveries by 154% compared to the previous year.