Provisions have been introduced regarding the licenses of charging network operators

Additions have been made to the Law on the Organization and Duties of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

With the law amendment published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette, provisions were introduced regarding the annual license fees to be paid by Charge Point Operators.

With the amendment made in Article 10 of Law No. 4628 on the Organization and Duties of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, titled “Income, Assets, and Property of the Authority,” the revenue from charging services was included among the revenue items of the Authority. The relevant clause introduced with the amendment is as follows:

“The revenue of the Authority related to the electricity market and charging services consists of the following revenue items:”

In addition, provisions were determined for annual license fees with the following paragraph added to the same article:

“(a) The license holders are liable for the annual license fee specified in the subclause. The annual license fee to be applied during the year is determined by the Authority and announced within the month of December of the previous year. In case the annual license fees are not paid on time, the outstanding amounts will be followed up and collected by the relevant tax offices in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6183 dated 21/7/1953 on the Procedure for Collection of Public Receivables, upon the notification of the Authority.”