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7-9 November 2024 TÜYAP Istanbul Fair and Congress Centre

A 3-year limit has been introduced for new applications in charging network licenses

Restrictions have been imposed on the executives of companies whose licenses have been revoked.

With the amendment published in today’s Official Gazette, a three-year restriction has been imposed on individuals who are members of the management of companies that fail to fulfill their obligations under the Charging Station Operator License they have obtained for new applications.

According to the amendment, companies in which these individuals are directly or indirectly partners will not be granted a license for three years from the date of revocation of their previous company’s license.

In this regard, the fourth paragraph of the additional article 5 titled “Charging Service” of the Electricity Market Law No. 6446 was amended as follows:

“(a) For the charging station operator license, specific conditions for granting a license, license period, amendment, fee, termination, cancellation, matters to be covered by the license, rights and obligations arising from the license, restrictions on activities covered by the license, numerical limitations regarding granting of licenses and the conduct of licensed activities, including the obligation to establish charging stations considering the widespread availability of charging stations, and other commercial and technical requirements may be determined. All fees collected from stakeholders regarding licensing transactions under this paragraph shall be recorded as revenue for the Authority.”

The section added as paragraph 6 of the article is as follows:

“(6) The legal entity whose charging station operator license has been revoked, including the board of directors chairman and members, shareholders who own ten percent or more shares in that legal entity, and those who have resigned within one year prior to the license revocation, cannot obtain a charging station operator license, cannot apply for a license, cannot be direct or indirect shareholders in legal entities that apply for a license, and cannot serve on the boards of directors for three years following the license revocation.”