DS 7 eTENSE PHEV Version has Arrived

French luxury brand DS Automobiles has introduced the DS 7 OPERA E-TENSE 225 plug-in hybrid option for the updated DS 7 model in Turkey, with prices starting from 1,972,400 TL. The DS 7 OPERA E-TENSE 225 plug-in hybrid joins the diesel, petrol, and 4×4 plug-in hybrid DS 7 options. With the new version, the DS 7 continues to raise the bar in comfort and safety technologies, standing out for offering the widest range of engines in the premium SUV segment. Featuring a redesigned front and rear design with thinner new DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 headlights and DS LIGHT VEIL daytime running lights, the new DS 7 OPERA E-TENSE 225 reflects the spirit of luxury fashion with personalized options also available.

The transfer of E-TENSE technology from Formula E to the roads

DS Automobiles, with its two consecutive championship wins in Formula E, continues to transfer E-TENSE technology to its production cars. The new DS 7 OPÉRA E-TENSE 225, available for sale in Turkey, offers a system power of 225 horsepower with its turbocharged, high-pressure direct injection petrol engine producing 180 horsepower and a 110 horsepower electric motor on the front axle. It can travel up to 80 km (WLTP EAER urban cycle) and 65 km (WLTP AER mixed cycle) on pure electric mode. In hybrid mode, it boasts a fuel consumption value of 1.2 liters per 100 km. The hybrid system is powered by a new 14.2 kWh battery and can be charged in about 2 hours using a 7.4 kW charger.

OPÉRA trim level offers a flawless package

With the OPÉRA design concept, the latest technology and design details are offered. In addition to new equipment such as DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0, Wireless Smartphone Integration (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), DS IRIS System, eCall In-Car Emergency Call System, and 19-inch EDINBURGH Lightweight Alloy Wheels added to the DS 7 range, the power-enhanced rear-seat-controlled air conditioning system and acoustic insulation glass, which were previously optional for DS 7 CROSSBACK, have also been included in the standard equipment for the new DS 7. The DS CONNECTED PILOT semi-autonomous driving aid, now named DS DRIVE ASSIST, with its updated radar sensor, brings us one step closer to autonomous driving.

Reflecting the spirit of luxury fashion

The character of the new DS 7 is reshaped with significant changes to the front and rear designs. The new DS 7, with sharper lines and more dynamism, has achieved a top-level production quality and robustness thanks to the close connections between the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS team and the production team at the Mulhouse (France) factory. “Light Signature,” which has been an avant-garde creation in the automotive industry since its first launch, has been further enhanced to create an even more impressive look. The new DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 headlights and DS LIGHT VEIL daytime running lights perfectly embody the spirit of luxury fashion.

A world first: DS LIGHT VEIL

The inspiration for the daytime running lights in the new DS 7 is taken from the work done on the DS X E-TENSE and DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE. In this technology, the light almost glows in the body color. DS LIGHT VEIL consists of a daytime running light and four vertical lighting units made up of 33 LEDs. By painting only the inside of the laser-processed polycarbonate surface, a changing appearance is created between the light and the body color. This creates a depth and brilliance effect like a veil. DS LIGHT VEIL greets the driver with an animation during locking and unlocking.

Up to 380 meters of lighting: DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0

The DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 technology replaces the DS ACTIVE LED VISION adaptive LED headlights, adding an extra dimension to the model. The PIXEL modules in the new DS 7 stand out by optimizing the management of lighting power, while also preserving the triple module approach that is a design component of DS Automobiles’ signature lighting. The PIXEL function provides the possibility of continuous high beam driving without disturbing other drivers on the road, thanks to its partial high beam function during night driving. The light flux is stronger and more regular, with a high beam range that has been increased up to 380 meters. The beam width is now set at 65 meters at speeds lower than 50 km/h. The two short beam modules on the inner side illuminate the road together, while the PIXEL long beam module on the outer side is made up of 84 LED lights in three rows. The lighting during turns is controlled by the intensity of the outer LED lights of the PIXEL module depending on the angle of the steering wheel. This function, which previously required mechanical movement of the headlight module, is now digitally managed.

DS AUTOMOBILES signature design details

DS WINGS have been redesigned with various color options depending on the model. The newly designed wider grille enhances the elegance of the front design, enriched with diamond-shaped chrome motifs. The sloping, thinner and fishbone-patterned LED taillights have also been redesigned with shiny black decorations. The trunk lid and logo have been redesigned with sharper lines, with the “DS AUTOMOBILES” name now signing off on the larger rear design of the new DS 7. The tires and wheels play an important role in the profile character of the new DS 7. The new 19-inch EDINBURGH wheels, equipped with aerodynamic parts, are offered as standard, while the 20-inch TOKYO wheels are optional. The new DS 7 comes in six different colors, including the new Pastel Grey and metallic Platinum Grey in the Sapphire Blue range, complemented by pearly options such as Pearl Black, Crystal Grey and Pearl White.

Technology is once again at the center with the DS IRIS SYSTEM

One of the most important changes in the new DS 7 is the inclusion of the DS IRIS SYSTEM in the infotainment system. With this new solution, the interface, which has been completely redesigned from start to finish, can be fully configured and works quickly and smoothly. The new 12-inch high-resolution touch screen features a menu with interface elements that can be accessed with a single movement, allowing for control of navigation, ventilation, audio sources, and the trip computer with a single movement. This large and easy-to-use screen can display the car’s front and rear images thanks to high-resolution digital cameras, and enables wireless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 12-inch new and large digital display panel with replaceable and customizable screens includes updated graphics with all important information such as energy flow in rechargeable hybrid versions. The 12-inch digital display screen, which is also available in the DS 7 CROSSBACK, shows basic driving information as well as maps, driving aids, traffic signs, and optional DS NIGHT VISION night vision assist with high-quality graphics compatible with DS IRIS SYSTEM.